About Us

Clearstone – protecting your investment in natural stone.

Clearstone Coating, Inc., a proud member of the Marble Institute of America, is the sole distributor of Clearstone Coating in the United States. Developed in Australia, Clearstone is a self leveling polyester resin designed for use on bar tops, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities. Clearstone is an impervious 2mm permanent, protective coating for natural stone that protects like no other product. Cuts and scratches buff right out and spot repair of impact damage is easy and undetectable. It can be finished in honed to high gloss, and most importantly, Clearstone carries a full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against etching and staining. No other protective coating for natural stone delivers this level of quality assurance. An industry leading innovation, Clearstone has garnered international recognition as the first choice in stone protection from architects, designers and consumers alike. Clearstone is the ‘branded’ and registered stone coating system developed and manufactured in Australia by Innovative Composites Pty Ltd.



Clearstone is partnered with licensed applicators
within the US. All applicators are fully trained by
the Clearstone team to ensure the highest standards
in natural stone investment.



Clearstone-coated natural stone surfaces are easy to
CLEAN AND MAINTAIN. Simply spray on a non-abrasive
cleaner and wipe away dust, lemon juice, coffee, soda,
anything really. Remarkably, if you get nail polish on your
Clearstone-coated bathroom vanity, simply wipe it off
with nail polish remover.