Protective coating for natural stone with a ten year warranty.

Watch our 3-minute video for a time-lapse of the Clearstone process


Developed in Australia, Clearstone is a self-leveling polyester resin designed for use on bar tops, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities. Offering a full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against etching and staining, Clearstone has garnered international recognition as the first choice in stone protection from architects, designers and consumers.

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Due to its porous nature, natural stone acid-etches and stains without protection. Industry leaders report that sealers and other coatings are short-term fixes, and natural stone, such as marble, begins to look stained, etched and damaged from water, wine, and food within hours or days after application. Clearstone Coating is the only long-term natural stone protection on the market for commercial and residential application that stops acid-etching and staining. Clearstone’s 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against etching and staining protects an investment in natural stone for years to come – no other product stands by their commitment to excellence like Clearstone.



Clearstone will keep your natural stone surfaces looking beautiful, while protecting your natural stone surfaces. Whether it’s a kitchen countertop, island, table, or a bathroom vanity top, Clearstone Coating will protect natural stone from acid etching and staining. Plus, you don’t need to worry about bacteria seeping into natural stone counters and vanities. Clearstone Coating is non-porous. Simply wipe up spills and messes with your favorite non-abrasive anti-bacterial cleaner and a soft cloth. Clearstone’s 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against acid-etching and staining will also save you in annual stone restoration and sealing bills. Clearstone really is like insurance for your natural stone investment.