In the historic district of downtown Saratoga Springs stands a restaurant/bar called Salt and Char, a modern American steakhouse that boasts an inviting and stylish take on fine dining in upstate New York. A few years back, the manager reached out to Clearstone in regard to their white Carrara Marble bartop. They’d been struggling to keep it clean, stain and acid-etch free for a while and knew there had to be a solution, and that Clearstone was it! 

Within a few weeks, a team of Certified Clearstone Applicators had restored and applied Clearstone Coating to their main bartop that sits in Salt and Char’s high traffic area. Once the bartop was coated, it was immediately protected from spilled drinks, sauces, lemons, limes, and of course, red wine.  


Customers, as well as the management team, have sung Clearstone’s praises due to its non-porous makeup, meaning they don’t have to worry about any bacteria seeping into that beautiful white carrara marble and makes cleanup a breeze.  A quick spray of a non-abrasive anti-bacterial cleaner and a wipe of a damp cloth is all it takes to clean up any mess on the bartop – and in a bustling setting such as a bar or restaurant, quick and easy clean-ups are essential!

Just as they invest in their staff to ensure that your dining experience is the best it can be, they expected the same out of Clearstone and were not disappointed.  Their investment in protecting their bartop with Clearstone came with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against acid etching and staining, proving that just like Salt and Char, Clearstone Coating does everything with the utmost care and class.


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