After a glass of water stained his brand-new Carrara marble countertop, homeowner Craig Anderson was left at a loss. Clearstone, he would soon discover, would not only restore the stone but also provide the one thing he needed for his sons’ rumpus room: a durable finish.

If there’s one thing residential stone installations need, it’s a durable finish. Indianapolis homeowner Craig Anderson learned this lesson the hard way after dealing with a misleading contractor.

Craig, a finance and accounting consultant, recently remodeled the basement in his family home to accommodate parties, get togethers, and sleepovers for his two teenage sons and their friends.

But his jovial plans were thwarted by a poorly protected countertop.

During the renovation, a contractor insisted that Craig install Carrara marble countertops – a costly mistake due to the stone’s high price tag and low durability. Craig claims that the contractor assured the family that the stone would be durable once a protective coating was added.

Unfortunately for Craig and his family, the contractor was mistaken.

Sealed with an inferior coating, the Andersons’ countertops were left vulnerable to acid etching and scoring. Craig was horrified to discover that a simple glass of water had left a noticeable stain on his brand new high-end countertop.

“The installer said we never should have put marble in a bar in the first place,” says Craig. “He told us our contractor steered us wrong. The contractor argued it just wasn’t sealed properly but three different stone experts disagreed with him.”

At a loss and hoping to salvage his investment, Craig turned to Clearstone to repair his two 10-foot bar counters. After researching his options, Craig determined that reaching out to Clearstone was “the only credible solution, other than replacing the counter.”

Clearstone Coating is the only stone sealer that provides permanent protection for marble, onyx, limestone, sandstone, and other valuable natural stone materials. So when Craig reached out to us, our team set out to do what no stone sealer on the market can do; reverse the damage done to improperly sealed stone and protect it from future harm, granting the Anderson family the peace of mind to enjoy their new investment.

“I was amazed at the labor intensity,” Craig says. “There seems  to be a real lack of knowledge by contractors in stone selection but Clearstone helped us solve the contractor’s poor judgement. It was a professional crew; I was very happy with them.”

Put to the ultimate test: teenage sleepovers

After their Clearstone application, the Andersons were finally able to enjoy their newly renovated rumpus room. Through several sleepovers, teenage parties, and at least three adult gatherings, Craig’s white Carrara marble countertops have remained stain-free and look as incredible as the day Clearstone was applied.

“If you already have marble, this is a no-brainer – unless you like etching. There are no other choices in the market.”

Overall, Craig is happy with his choice and his family is looking forward to utilizing their new investment. And with Clearstone’s 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against acid-etching and staining, Craig’s countertops will be protected for years to come.