Caring for your Clearstone Surface

The following instructions will assist you in caring for your Clearstone-coated surfaces.

The coating needs to be treated with care, as sharps (knives) and abrasives (scouring products) will scratch Clearstone-coated surfaces. A cutting board is always recommended.

It is not recommended that you place hot pots or pans directly from the oven or stovetop directly onto Clearstone-coated surfaces. Clearstone can withstand a considerable amount of heat, but we recommend you use a heat-resistance pad or board on top of the surface. If the surface does become damaged, it can be repaired by a Clearstone Certified Applicator.

Mild detergents and water should be used for washing and cleaning Clearstone-coated surfaces. Any non-abrasive kitchen surface cleaner can be used; i.e. Windex, 409, or other non-abrasive spray cleaners. We recommend cleaning with a microfiber clothe for best results.

Do not use metal or razor scrapers for cleaning the surface.

While Clearstone-coated surfaces are chemical resistant, aggressive chemicals or sealants should not be in contact with the coating. Aggressive chemicals or sealants can have adverse effects to the appearance and/or clarity of Clearstone.

Should the Clearstone-coated surface become scratched, it can be refinished by a Clearstone Certified Applicator. Please contact Clearstone for a Certified Applicator in your area to receive a quote for repolishing.