Next up in our Applicator Spotlight Series is Reini Parusel from New Life Marble and Granite!

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a service radius spanning across all of South Florida, the team at New Life Marble and Granite are a family owned and operated business that pride themselves in offering the highest quality solutions for your flooring, countertop, and other specialized stone needs. Rei and his team offer professional installation, restoration & maintenance of marble, granite, and tile, which they also carry in their showroom and are equipped for bringing out the beauty of your stone. Ready to provide your home, business, or vessel (yes, boats) with services such as refinishing & polishing, honing, sealing, crystallization and maintenance, the New Life Marble and Granite team are South Florida’s go – to installation and restoration professionals!

Originally catching wind of Clearstone Coating from an ad he saw in a stone magazine, Rei chooses to work with Clearstone Coating to provide customers the best solution to protect their acid sensitive surfaces. “There’s nothing I would change about Clearstone“ he states, “My customers and I love it!”.

When asked about his favorite surface he’s protected with Clearstone, Rei reflected on a job done in 2017 on a big bartop located in one of the many mega yachts that call Fort Lauderdale home.


From detailed work on fine marble, granite installation or grout cleaning, Rei and his team appreciate the opportunity to work with you and guarantee complete satisfaction. Give them a call today (954) 581- 2226 at for a free estimate or check out their website here: or email them at