One of the biggest reservations we hear from clients interested in white marble is that they’re worried about the amount of upkeep required and how careful they’ll have to be. We all know spills happen, especially in a kitchen, and coffee, red wine and tomato sauce stains are the number one culprits. By protecting your white marble with Clearstone Coating, you have nothing to worry about. A self-leveling polyester resin designed for use on bar tops, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities, Clearstone is an impervious 2mm permanent, protective coating for natural stone and the industry leader in natural stone protection. Clearstone is not porous, so germs and bacteria will not penetrate a Clearstone-coated surface; what more could you ask for in a kitchen or bathroom? Simply clean the surface with a non-abrasive, anti-bacterial cleaner, and your natural stone will be free of germs and bacteria.

Whether your project is installing a new residential kitchen or renovating a luxury hotel bathroom, Clearstone’s quality will shine through. With a full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against etching and staining, Clearstone has garnered international recognition as the first choice in stone protection from architects, designers and consumers. Forget to use a cutting board while making a summer fruit salad? No worries! That scratch will buff right out by one of our Certified Clearstone Applicators keeping your white marble as sleek and striking as the day it was installed.

With Clearstone Coating on your side, what do you have to be scared of? Take the plunge and contact us today to find a Certified Clearstone Applicator in your area!