The Holidays are upon us, and with the holidays come nights of corks popping, lemons squeezing, chestnuts roasting and LOTS of traffic for your beautiful marble countertops. Protect them from all the holiday cheer with Clearstone! Wine, whiskey, and vodka are all covered under our ten-year warranty against acid-etching and staining.

Not sure if you have time this Holiday Season? Think again! If your property has two days to spare, one of our Certified Clearstone Applicators will come in and coat the marble you’d like protected. Once the surface has been coated, it will self level, set, and then we’ll polish it to a honed or high-gloss finish and you’ll be good to host all the holiday parties you can dream of without having to worry about ruining your beautiful marble counters.

Is the marble in your bathroom and not in your kitchen? No problem!  Clearstone’s polyester resin was designed for use on bar tops, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities and is the the industry leader in natural stone protection. Worried about germs? Clearstone is a not porous coating so germs and bacteria will not penetrate a Clearstone-coated surface and cleaning is a breeze! Simply clean the surface with a non-abrasive, anti-bacterial cleaner, and your natural stone will be free of germs and bacteria.

If you want to stop spending time worrying about that red wine dripping down the side of the bottle or Aunt Marge forgetting to use a coaster, choose Clearstone. With our ten-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can protect your favorite part of the kitchen or bathroom and you can spend a little more time with your loved ones, the cleanup can wait ’til morning. Click here to learn more.