Do you have beautiful natural stone surfaces in your business? On average, how much time do you think you spend restoring those surfaces each year? If your answer is over a week each year, consider Clearstone Coating!

As you may know, the standard way of protecting stone is to apply a sealant over the stone to protect it. We have not found a sealer that can prevent ‘etching’, or for that matter, perfectly fill all the imperfections in the surface of the stone. If you look closely at the natural stone’s surface it is full of open fissures, cavities, cracks, and faults that look, from a distance, like dull areas on the surface or a different colored vein that is a softer material than the main stone. These imperfections add to the stone’s aesthetic appearance and can be the reason for choosing the stone in the first place. Instead of your standard sealer, Clearstone puts a barrier over the entire surface like a layer of thin clear liquid glass filling the imperfections leaving a smooth surface that prevents any materials/chemicals from coming in contact with the natural stone’s surface, preserving it’s beauty for years to come

One of the best qualities of using Clearstone Coating on your natural stone surfaces is the minimal amount of upkeep necessary to keep those surfaces looking like new. With traditional stone care and restoration, you need to block off the areas in need of restoration for days at a time each year for the restoration to take place, therefore causing you to shut down areas of your business that could be making you money.


With Clearstone, your upkeep is cut substantially. Our Certified Clearstone Applicators come in at your request and coat the entire surface. Once the surface has been coated and polished to a honed or high-gloss finish, you’re good to go! No yearly restoration appointments and no yearly shut-downs thanks to our specially formulated coating that, when applied by a Certified Clearstone Applicator, will give the stone’s surface outstanding stain, etching and chemical resistance.

Still not sure? Let’s break it down by cost. Upfront, it appears that Clearstone Coating is a much larger investment and will therefore cost substantially more than your traditional yearly restoration. When you look at the numbers, however, they tell a different story.

Let’s say you have 100 square feet of stone you’d like protected, and you’re quoted at $100/sq. foot with Clearstone and $50/sq. foot with your traditional stone care professional (TSCP). Upfront, that’s a $10,000 investment with Clearstone and a $5,000 investment otherwise. If you treat that stone once annually, your yearly restoration costs with a TSCP will run you about $5,000/year. In a high traffic area such as a bar top or vanity, that restoration normally needs to happen twice a year, putting you at $10,000/year. With Clearstone? $0. You read that correctly, $0 with Clearstone! Imagine how that adds up over a ten year period!

We’re so confident in our coating that we guarantee that we won’t need to come in year after year to restore it. Add that to our 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against acid-etching and staining on installations applied by a Certified Clearstone Applicator and it’s like insurance for your natural stone investment!

So, which would you prefer? A $10,000 investment with the peace of mind that you chose Clearstone, or a $55,000 – $110,000 investment that shuts your business down once or twice a year to maintain?

The choice is yours. Contact us today!