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What do Certified Clearstone Applicators have in common?

A lot! Our community is small, close knit and supportive. Clearstone provides the product, training and platform but our community is what makes our applicators so successful.

  • Clearstone offers you an opportunity to join an elite network of Stone care professionals and learn the craft of Clearstone Application from the experts.
  • Why is it an elite network? Because Clearstone may only be applied by fully certified Clearstone Applicators.
  • Our training program delivers a hands-on certification process where you will work alongside one of the Clearstone experts, who of course are field trainers, to learn how to properly apply Clearstone Coating.
  • Clearstone is able to offer a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against acid etching and staining because, as an applicator, you are highly trained, and because our product really is that good.

Clearstone Applicator Training and Certification

  • Clearstone is currently seeking individuals throughout the United States who would be interested in becoming Certified Clearstone Applicators.
  • We offer introductory training at our facility in Wilson, NC, followed by hands-on, in-field certification training. Introductory and in-field training costs can be discussed on an individual/group basis. The investment in field training is an excellent opportunity to educate and certify 1-4 applicators at a time.
  • Contact us at (702) 427 7977 or via email to discuss costs and for more information.




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