Meet Tim Harper,  Owner of Stoneshield LLC , a certified applicator of Clearstone Coating.  Based in Las Vegas, Tim specializes in Clearstone application on natural stone surfaces ranging from the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond!

For the past 3 years, Tim has also been one of the top trainers for the Clearstone Coating team.

Well versed in the nuances of the stone protection business, Tim and the Clearstone training program deliver a hands-on certification process where new applicators get the chance to learn and work alongside the Clearstone experts. For seasoned applicators, Tim and the Clearstone Coating team provide refresher training courses to make sure your team is up to date on any new practices on the applicator side of the house, or to just keep your team’s skills in top shape. Certified Clearstone Applicators are part of an elite network of stone care professionals as Clearstone Coating may only be applied by fully certified Clearstone Applicators.

Training Site

According to Tim, his favorite part about working with Clearstone is simply providing customers with a permanent solution to their ongoing and sometimes frustrating problems with their natural stone.

“Seeing the finished result is an excellent benefit – but it’s the interesting people I meet along the way that have had the most positive impact.” – Tim Harper

Additionally, Clearstone is the only product guaranteed to prevent acid etching and staining of natural stone. It’s 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against acid-etching and staining protects your investment for years to come! Clearstone has been chosen for both large commercial settings, as well as smaller residential projects by designers, builders, architects, and homeowners alike.

Tim’s Favorite Job, the Beverly Hills Hotel

Tim can be contacted via email at for a site visit and estimate for your next project, and you can follow him on Facebook @stoneshieldllc